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Saint Mark (Agios Markos) of Corfu.

Saint Mark (Agios Markos) of Corfu.

Written by Spiros Laskaris on Wednesday September 16, 2020
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A piece from paradise. The place where God rests. A dot on the map of the world, drowned in green and glory.

A beautiful traditional village, located just 4 km from Ipsos and 18 km north of Corfu town.

From the north the village embraces the mountain "Korakio" which is part of the mountain range of Pantokrator (Pantocrator). Mount Pantocrator is the ancient Istoni according to Thucydides, to which the Oligarchs took refuge to escape the slaughter by the Democrats.


It borders on the west with Kato Korakiana, on the east with Pyrgi and on the south with the beach of Ipsos.

The village today is divided into two settlements, Paleos (Old) and Neos (New). This separation came after a great landslide in the Old Settlement that forced the villagers to descend to the plain (meadow) and thus build the New Settlement, with the Old stealing the impressions of history, monuments and all the beauty and the New Settlement to be characterized by anarchic construction first because of "cheap tourism" and then the abandonment of many of the tourist accommodation and businesses due to the wrong entrepreneurship of the locals, not excluding some exceptions.


The Old Settlement is surrounded by small hills and a huge forest of olive trees of various ages. The visitor of the village will enjoy a truly panoramic and wonderful view to Ipsos beach and the Corfu Town.

Entering in the Old Saint Mark village, we meet magical alternations of colors and emotions. On the one hand, green houses from the passage of time with their tiled roofs half-destroyed and their immediate abandonment due to subsidence, and on the other hand, well-preserved stone-built houses and mansions, all drowned in the wild vegetation.

The village belongs to the protected areas by the Ministry of Culture, thanks to its long history and its special Venetian architecture.

In Agios Markos the visitor will have the chance to visit two of the most historic monuments of Corfu. The Church of Christ the Pantocrator with frescoes from 1576 and the Church of St. Mercury with frescoes from 1075.


In the center of the village and on the country road, the visitor will meet the mansion of the Laskaris family. A real gem of architecture and reference point of the village. It is an exact copy of the House of Laskaris located in Mystras, where the first owners came from. The aristocratic family of the Laskaris originates from Byzantium and its members formed the Empire of Nicaea 1204 - 1261. After the fall of the Queen many members emigrated to Italy and others to Mystras, from where the family of St. Mark. The founder of the House was Theodoros I 'Laskaris and the last ruler was Ioannis D' Laskaris.


The mansion is perfectly preserved, built of stone with a date of construction of about 1500 without any changes since then, except those that the time or the chisel of the restoration imposed. It has a beautiful central wooden door and the oldest chimney of Corfu, 500 years old.

For nature lovers but also for those who love walking in nature from the New Settlement but also from the main road, a few steps after the Corfu Secret Hotel, start some of the most beautiful and characterized trails of Corfu.

Relaxed from the endless alternations, the visitor will visit to rest, the only historical tavern of the village, Panorama (formerly grocery - tavern). But even there some more surprises await him. Going out on the small balcony - dining room to sit at his table and enjoy his lunch or dinner, miraculously all of Corfu island in front of him and not only... From the coasts of Albania to the coasts of Epirus and from the island of Vidos to the old fortress in the city of Corfu will accompany his bite. And what a bite! From the garden of Spyros, the owner of the tavern, the herbs, from his henhouse the appetizers and from his goat the cheese.


Endless journey of mind, tastes and soul.

This is Agios Markos of Corfu.

This is our Agios Markos (Saint Mark).

Don't forget to visit and see:

Around April 25 in Neo Oikismos in the courtyard of the new church the Annual festival on the feast of St. Mark with grilled skewers, plenty of beer and retsina and live music from local bands and traditional dances.

At the beginning of September, a traditional festival in the courtyard of the historic church of Christ the Pantocrator with traditional delicacies, drink and live traditional music that aims to financially support the local Association of St. Mark.

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