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Hotel Corfu Secret - Корфу Пейзажи - Достопримечательности

Corfu's Countryside

Corfu town is not the only place to have monuments; they are to be found all over the island as in controvertible witnesses to the brilliance of its history. Nor does the modern era lag behind in any way, for the countryside of Corfu is a succession of landscapes of unrivalled beauty. The island is densely wooded, with olive groves that convey an air of serenity and go some ways towards masking the steeply plunging cliffs of the west and with idyllic mountain hamlets peeping out of the greenery higher up the hills. Along the coast, the tone is set by quaint fishing villages built close to the water's edge, or near sandy beaches where bathers in their hundreds enjoy the sun and the cool sea. In the summer months, the constantly increasing tourist industry makes Corfu buzz, but there is no shortage of more isolated corners which hold out against modern developments and retain much of their authenticity. There, the serenity of the landscape brings earth and sky closer together and the aromas borne on the wind remind us that this is a place the gods have touched.