Application for removal of personal data

European Data Protection Legislation

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Application for removal of personal data

With this form you have the right to request the removal of some personal information related to you for privacy purposes. After submitting the request, we will take into account both your privacy rights and the public interest in access to content as well as the right to third parties to the distribution of information. For example, we can reject the abolition of specific information on financial transactions and your personal information is necessary for tax purposes. To fill this form, you will need a digital copy of a version of authentication. If you present the present request by someone else, you will need to submit the identity verification documents on his behalf.

In order to prevent the submission of non-legitimate demands for abolition by persons who are identified by other persons who attempt to harm competitors or concealing unfair legal information, the identification of the person for which you submit the request (the A person who concerns the request).
For this reason, the mission of this form should be accompanied by E-mail (e-mail) of scanned documents proving the identity of the applicant. No passport or other state identification document is required. You can hide some parts of the document (eg the identity number), since the identity of the person concerned is verified by the other items. You can also hide any photos contained in the Identification Document, unless you request the removal of pages that include photos of the person concerned.
Corfu Secret SA will use these figures only to document the authenticity of your request and delete the copy within one month from closing the removal request unless otherwise required by the legislation.

Data deletion form


If you submit this request on behalf of someone else, Identify your relationship with this person (eg "parent", "lawyer"). Possibly to request a documentation that will confirm that you have been authorized to represent this person's representation.

I act by representing:

In any case, please give reasons for your decision, 1) Tell us what your personal information would you like to remove and exactly where they are found or contained. 2) If you act as a representative, report the full details of the persons you want to remove personal data as well as your legitimate documents that make you a legitimate representative but also the documents proving the identity of your principal.

Analyze your request:


Please read the following statements and select the boxes to confirm that you agree.

Corfu Secret SA will use the personal data included in this form (including your email address and any identification) as well as personal data you can submit to subsequent communication with us in the context of editing your request and of fulfillment of its legal obligations. We declare that we have the right to communicate details of your request to any privacy authority, but only when this principle requires this data to explore or examine some of our decision. This usually happens when you choose to contact local data protection authorities about our decision.


eg. John Mars
By typing your full name, you provide us with your digital signature, which is just as legally binding on your physical signature. Keep in mind that your signature must correspond precisely to the name and surname you entered the upper part of this web form in order to successfully submit your submission.
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An e-mail will be sent after the form is sent. Please follow the link you can find within this e-mail to confirm the mission of the form. If E-Mail is not confirmed, the form is deemed to have not been sent.

Please if you have any questions for all of the above to contact us. Our legal department is happy to serve you directly.

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