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Corfu Holidays

Written by Afrodite Nelson on Saturday July 15, 2017
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Corfu has been among the most popular Greek islands destinations since the 1960s, when tourists flocked by the thousands to admire its magnificent architecture, the wonderful shores, the lively capital, its vibrant nightlife and the rural landscape.

Today, nearly six decades later, the island’s tourist infrastructure has developed significantly but its main attraction points remain the same. Corfu beaches are still considered among the best in Greece and for a good reason. Many of them are of exquisite natural beauty and amazing water quality, to be found nowhere else.

Corfu Town, the island’s jewel, still retains its traditional architecture and has been characterized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site with its old quarters, its large squares, its palaces, fortresses and museums. The area is a photographer’s paradise, offering endless opportunities for great shots.

As for accommodation, Corfu has it all. There is a wide selection of hotels, apartments, rooms and villas with all modern facilities that covers the island’s needs even during the high season. Prices vary accordingly. However, should you wish to find cheap accommodation, it is always advisable to book early while there is ample availability and prices are still low.

Corfu nightlife is exciting all year round. With a large percentage of the population being of age between 18 and 25, fun never stops on Corfu. There is a place for everyone. You will find big clubs as well as small or medium sized sedentary bars, with Greek and foreign music.

For the explorers, Corfu is the ideal holiday choice. It offers countless opportunities for excursions in rural areas still untouched by human activities. Dramatic sceneries, traditional settlements, fantastic local cuisine, amazing small coves and endless olive groves are all good reasons why you should consider Corfu as your travel destination for 2017. You will have plenty to see and do, never a dull moment.

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