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Corfu Old Town

Corfu Old Town

Written by Gina A. on Friday February 10, 2017
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Its obvious charm and romanticism are not the only reasons that set the Old Town of Corfu on a whole different level as a tourist attraction. The mere fact that it has been entered into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list speaks for itself. Historically, it has always been the island’s strategic position that had sealed its fate and the fate of its capital.

Being at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea just off mainland Europe, Corfu and its rulers, during the course of history, have been obligated to defend it and, thus, see to its fortification as best possible. The first traces of fortification date back to the 8th century B.C. and continue with new forts built by Venetian engineers. Their aim was to protect the trade along the Adriatic Sea from the Ottoman Empire army which, at the time, had occupied all of Greece and the Balkans and was moving towards central and northern Europe.

Corfu Town is, as a whole, one of the most important historical sites in Greece. However, apart from historically important, it is also beautiful and offers a great variety of tourist attractions, traditional places of interest, byzantine churches and the famous Spianada square. You will also fall in love with its alleyways, the so called kantounia, as the locals call them, formed in between the tall pastel coloured houses of the Venetian quarters. They offer endless opportunities for romantic photos. And as for walking or exercising, the bay of Garitsa is the best option offering an excellent view as a bonus.

As the ancient town is large enough and contains quite a few monuments and historical sites, a map will help you navigate it with ease. You might also want to follow a guided walking tour that will save you a lot of trouble and will provide significant and professional knowledge about each site. There are many places to rest for a coffee and quite a few restaurants to enjoy a meal. You may also choose to visit some antique or souvenir shops. A visit to the Archaeological Museum is also a must.

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