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The Aqualand of Corfu

The Aqualand of Corfu

Written by Gina A. on Wednesday February 8, 2017
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What is a holiday if not also a time for fun! In Corfu, you can combine both ever since 1997 when Aqualand opened its doors (or pools, to be more precise) to the public and fun times really took off. Centrally located at the area of Agios Ioannis, in between lush vegetation, Aqualand combines the pleasures of water sports with amazing mountainous scenery that would normally calm all your senses if it were not for that wild excitement that takes you over.

If we are to do some brief area sightseeing, the entire waterpark is an immense playground and it is all a child’s dream. There are all kinds of swimming pools, shallow or deep to plunge into, to splash and play, to run into, fall into or water slide into, with kayak or rafting “rivers” or simply to relax in with Jacuzzi … You will get whatever your adventurous self deserves. And, surprise, you will be challenged by 7 different types of waves when you least expect it, if you choose to.

If it so happens that you have children or are yourself a child at heart, then this is a paradise on earth. I do know that there are so many beautiful things to see on Corfu Island, like beaches, villages, monuments but if fun in the sun is your “thing”, who cares. This is it. Look no further.

If you are the “watching others have fun while you relax” type, there are plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds. There is Wi-Fi throughout the entire area so that you can take as many photos of your interests or friends and post them online straight away. There are cafeterias, bars, fast foods, restaurants and whatever your heart desires. Other amenities such as safety lockers, showers, changing rooms and a first aid station will make you feel welcome and most importantly, safe. It is an all-day fun park for everyone who knows how to have fun.

You can drive there (there is ample parking space) or you can take a bus from Corfu Town (you will get there in about 20 minutes).

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