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Hiking trails in Corfu

Hiking trails in Corfu

Written by Afrodite Nelson on Friday March 10, 2017
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Are you perchance looking for a hiking trail on Corfu? You will not be disappointed! Spanning a distance of some 220 km across the island of Corfu is the “Corfu Trail” offering a wide variety of places to explore on foot. Whether it is mountain, forest of cedar, juniper and willow, villages or vistas, it’s all there to sightsee. Provided you plan it well, it is all within walking distance and can take as many as 10-15 days to cover it.

Footpaths are clearly marked with yellow signs joining destinations that will take you through locations most hotel bound tourists don’t get to see. The map-guide of these trails is just 10€ and the “Complete Book of Corfu Walks” the pdf copy just 20 euros paid for via PayPal and emailed within 24 hours, both a useful source of information. Walking through nature with your pet dog should you choose to do so, has a different “feeling” to it especially when conditions are as good as they are throughout the tourist season. In fact this period can easily be described as the “walking season”.

Each path naturally provides a great photo opportunity for pictures that will keep memories alive for ages and which you can readily share with friends and family. Routes can be several kilometers long, so walkers are cautioned to take their time, keep their eye out for small dangers on slightly wilder trails and hydrate themselves and their pets often, especially during the mid-summer months. Following the interconnecting regional roads while on foot, as you will in some places, will take you to great sights to visit for pictures as well.

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